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Online teaching and learning can be just as fun, personal, and interactive as face-to-face teaching and learning. All it takes are a few simple tools, a bit of knowledge and practice, and the confidence to know how to translate your teaching skills online.

Live online workshops take you through tools, techniques, and strategies for online class delivery, and have you practice them as we go.

Structure of the Online Workshop

We’ll meet online using Zoom, and I will run the 60-90 minute Workshop demonstrating best practices in live online class delivery as we go. We will practice tools for engaging students, having students interact, using flipped learning, and collaboration techniques.

We will navigate through the tools available in Zoom, and I will demonstrate specific tools for making your audio and visual delivery as rich as possible.

Finally, we will troubleshoot any issue specific to your delivery and context.

Resources after the Workshop

When the Workshop is over, you will have access to all the documents and resources we have covered, as well as access to the video recording of our session together.

Thank you so much for this Keppie!!! And your presentation last night was awesome, so so so helpful and also really inspiring for me to see how online teaching can actually be amazing in a different way to face to face, and put some effort in to allowing my online classes to live up to their potential. Thank you!!!!

B. R., University Lecturer in Coffs Harbour, Australia

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