Get comfortable, confident, and excellent at online teaching, fast.

About me

My name is Keppie. I’ve been teaching online in higher education and adult learning for over 7 years. That’s almost 1000 students, and over 50 courses.

I teach online for Berklee Online, Collarts Melbourne, the Open Academy at the Sydney Conservatorium.

I love teaching. I love online teaching. I want to help other teachers get comfortable, confident, and excellent at online delivery.

A little more about me can be found here.

Who is this for?

Trainings and workshops are for any teachers who are transitioning to online teaching, and want tips, tools, strategies, and resources for structuring fun, engaging, and interactive learning experiences. Whether you teach in university, college, community or adult education, small groups or large, if you need to upskill quickly, I can help.

I have run online teaching workshops for faculty/staff from: The Australian College of the Arts (Collarts), TAFE, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, SAE, Southern Cross University, University of Western Sydney, The Conversation, JMC Academy, and more.

Live Trainings

Live classes are limited to 20 people. These workshops are focused on core principles and practices for running live online classes: fostering engagement, interaction, and community; best practices for live delivery; navigating Zoom’s features; organizing your content in a LMS; the best add-on apps and software to enhance learning and teaching.

Book a Training

Book a live online training session for yourself, your organization, or your team.

Lisa Belsky, Integrated Arts Teacher, Boston, MA.

“Not only does Keppie recognize my specific interests, strengths and confusions; she balances instruction with appropriate challenges, invaluable tools and honest encouragement. Her patience and insight light the way.”

Alan Kondo, Los Angeles, CA.

“I was very fortunate to have Keppie as my instructor for my first Berklee songwriting class. Her encouragement kept me from feeling overwhelmed, and at the same time, she would not let me be lazy or cut corners. As a result, I took the class seriously and learned more than I ever expected.”

Online Workshops


60-90 mins + access to resources and documents. 20 participants max.

Group Bookings

$400 up to 10 ppl

$750 up to 20 ppl

30 min pre-session consult. 60-90 mins training + access to resources and documents.

All currency in AUD

One-on-One Training


60 min private consultation.